Super-Sized Foods in Tokyo

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Japanese food has long focused on relatively small portions. But American-style "super-sizing' is increasing the size of some of the country’s favorite dishes. While the word omori often appears on restaurant menus to indicate a larger portion of food, the words dekamori, megamori, and teramori are now sweeping restaurants across the country to describe larger portions. 

These Japanese super-sized foods are a challenge to diners. While some are for sharing with group of friends, others are plated for one, and jumbo food lovers are rising to the challenge. But in a culture where not finishing your plate may be considered rude, you may want to think twice before taking on these stomach-busting dishes.

Tokyo is the capital of this food movement, with restaurants across the city adding super-sized options to their menus.  Challenge your stomach to a super-sized food tour of Tokyo with these six dishes.


As one of Japan’s most popular dishes, it’s no wonder ramen is leading the super-size food movement. And Ramen Jiro in Tokyo is making the most of it! The piles of noodles and stacks of vegetables in each bowl has gained them a dedicated following.


These noodles are one of Japan’s healthiest foods. Yuuduki Meguro’s omori soba servings are the perfect stop to refuel while sightseeing.


If you’re want to indulge your sweet tooth, then Osama to Strawberry’s ‘King Parfait’ is the way to go! Share this parfait with friends or family to make the price (and calorie intake) more reasonable.


This fried chicken dish is a must if you like your meat in mountainous portions. Karaage Hitosuji serves up Tokyo’s best super-sized karaage. And you're in luck! They are open for both lunch and dinner.


This dish features BBQ pork in a bowl of rice and topped with greens. But when super-sized at Buta Daigaku it’s hard to even see the rice for all the pork piled on top!


Tokyo restaurant Moyan Curry  is also on board with the jumbo food movement. Their Millennium Curry allows guests to sample Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Nepalese curry all on one plate!

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