The rise of Universal Studios Japan

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Packed full of family-friendly attractions based on blockbuster movies, video games and anime series, Universal Studios Japan is one of the countrys premier theme parks, located in Osaka. When it opened its doors in 2001, it was the fastest amusement park in the world to receive 10 million visitors, and has since welcomed more than 100 million people!

 One of the reasons for Universal Studios Japan’s success is that it is constantly revamping and adding new attractions, including the recent addition of a ninth entertainment area, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Based on the blockbuster series, it is renowned for its 3D ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey which uses state-of-the-art 4K technology to whisk visitors through this fantasy world. While the Harry Potter area is modeled on that in Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando, its Black Lake and Hogwarts Express Photo Op are both unique to Osaka.

 Universal Studios Japan also features some unique anime attractions, including the annual “One Piece Premier Show which is based on the ever-popular Japanese manga and anime series by Eiichiro Oda. The show features outstanding stunt work, 3D features, special effects and pyrotechnics, as well as plenty of music and crowd participation.

 The theme park has recently unveiled new temporary attractions themed around the video game Dragon Quest which was created by Yuji Horii and his studio, Armor Project. It has been scheduled to run as part of the game’s 30th anniversary and participants will have the opportunity to fight monsters and evil enemies within the dungeon-themed zone.

 To set it apart from other Universal Studios across the globe, USJ also runs numerous events and attractions based on Japanese pop culture as part of its “Cool Japan series. These are based on popular anime, manga comics, video games and music titles, and offer international visitors a glimpse into local Japanese culture.

“Monster Hunt The Real” takes participants on an exhilarating search for life-size monsters on a 43 meter-high screen, while Detective Conan The Escape requires you to solve puzzles and rescue hostages alongside character actors from this manga series. There are also 4D Attack on Titan and Godzilla movies, offering a larger-than-life perspective on these popular titles, as well as the Evangelion XR Ride which features motion simulators and virtual reality technology to immerse you in this apocalyptic anime world.

“Sengoku The Real” is one of Universal Studio Japans attractions to be held outside the park, set against the backdrop of Osaka Castle. It features an extravagant show packed with special effects, together with food vendors serving sengoku-themed dishes.

 USJ also includes a Universal Wonderland section aimed specifically at families with young children, as well as a Snoopy Studios based on the Peanuts comic strip. There’s Hello Kittys Fashion Avenue which is themed around this famous franchise and a Sesame Street Fun World based on the children’s TV series. The Minion Park, scheduled to open this year, features rides and attractions themed around Illumination’s Despicable Me.

 One of the most exciting new revelations from USJ is its partnership with Nintendo, with Super Nintendo World set to open in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. It will boast rides and attractions featuring the Super Mario Brothers, together with other popular Nintendo video games and characters.

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