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Japan is well known for coming up with innovative products that make our lives easier and baby products are no exception. The country is also internationally recognized for manufacturing top quality products, and when it comes to your baby, of course you only want the best.

Whether you are living in Japan or just visiting, if you have a baby (or are expecting) you will want to check out their selection of baby products. You can buy Japanese baby products at drug stores and baby shops such as Akachan Honpo, and many Japanese baby products can now be purchased through the internet.

Imabari Towels

For over 120 years, Imabari has been a leader in towel production, creating towels that are known for their softness and water absorbency. The softness of the towels is due to the soft water of Imabari, which has very few impurities. The company not only creates a range of baby towels, but also bibs and pillows that are gentle on a baby’s skin.

Meiji Hohoemi Rakuraku Cube (Baby Formula)

Mixing up a bottle of formula couldn’t be easier than with these formula cubes. Perfect to use when on the go, all you have to do is add one of the cubes to a bottle of hot water. Meiji has done extensive research to produce a high quality formula that closely mimics breast milk and has all the nutrients your little one needs to thrive.

Wet Wipe Warmers

Changing time can be stressful for babies, and when you add cold wipes to the mix, you will likely have a screaming baby on your hands. Wet wipe warmers are a great alternative, especially during the winter months, so your baby can have nice warm wipes during changing time.

Netsu Sama Sheets (Cooling Gel Sheets)

These cooling gel sheets will bring down your baby’s fever and keep your baby cool for up to four hours by absorbing and dissipating heat. The cooling gel sheets have no fragrance or color, so they are safe to use on your baby’s sensitive skin. You simply place a gel sheet on your baby’s forehead and it will stay in place, even as he/she moves around.

Tampei Nose Vacuum

When your baby’s nose gets blocked, it’s important to clear it to prevent him/her from getting respiratory problems. The Tampei nose vacuum has two ends, one that goes into the mother’s mouth and the other that goes in the baby’s nose. When the mother sucks on the tube, the baby’s nose is unblocked and the drainage goes into a clear container that separates the two ends (ensuring no drainage gets into the mother’s mouth). The nose vacuum is compact and easy to take with you when you travel.

Shampoo Hat

A shampoo hat is shaped like a visor and goes around the baby’s head to prevent shampoo from getting in his/her eyes. It makes bath time more comfortable for little ones, particularly those that don’t like water getting into their face.

Pigeon Baby Nail Clippers

Cutting a baby’s nails can be a bit scary, but Japanese nail clippers for babies make the task easy. Many baby nail clippers in Japan look like scissors but have thin blades with rounded tips to avoid injuring the baby while trimming the nails.

No-Leak Bottles and Sippy Cups

A leaky bottle or sippy cup is an annoyance for many parents. Japanese bottles and sippy cups are designed so that every part fits perfectly, avoiding any spills. Combi Teteo sippy cups are popular and come with interchangeable lids that range from a nipple spout to a straw, meeting all the needs of your growing baby.

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