Mini Cruises in Osaka: A break from the bustle of the train life Part 2

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Mini cruises are the best way to see the city skyline and to enjoy a nice, calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here in this second part of our article on mini cruises, we’ll be focusing on cruises found in the Osaka area.

If you’re interested in finding some mini cruises in the Kanto area, check out part 1 of our article here

If you’re sure you’re in the right place, then let’s look at some mini cruises here in Osaka.

Osaka Suijo Bus

The Osaka Suijo Bus has three different tours for you to choose from. One takes you to the Osaka castle and Nakanoshima area, another to the castle and Dotombori area, and the last is a sightseeing tour of Osaka bay in a ship modeled after the Santa Maria. Yes, the same Santa Maria that Colombus sailed in.

Price : JPY 940~1,600 (Aqualiner) /  JPY 1,200 (Aqua mini)

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Osaka Ninja Cruise Tour

Enjoy the sights of Osaka on this unique tour where you can dress up as a ninja and ride on a boat down Dotomborigawa River. You can learn how to use a katana, battle a ninja, and use a shuriken on this entertaining sightseeing trip.

Price: JPY 4,500

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Ofune Camome

The Ofune Camome is a small boat tour that is very intimate comparatively to other, more bustling tours. The boats hold as many as 10 people and have many different types of cruises for your enjoyment, such as a breakfast cruise, a doboku cruise, a bar time cruise, and even chartered cruises should you want something different.

Price: JPY 2,100~4,500

Website :

Naniwa Exploration Cruise with Rakugo Comedians

A 90 minute cruise that takes you to many different sightseeing places on the Dotomborigawa river. Offering a show hosted by Japanese comedians for your pleasure, the trip also offers a bento and all you can drink alcohol for an additional price.

Price: JPY 3,000

Website :

If you’re not in the Osaka region or are looking for more mini cruises, please check out the first part of our article for some cruises in the Kanto area found here

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