How to Get Around Tokyo by Bus - Part 1

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Traveling around Tokyo by bus is a great way to see all the popular spots in the city, without having to break the bank. Taxis are expensive and while the subways are more efficient, they can be complicated when you’re not familiar with the stops and you may end up having to do quite a bit of walking. Taking a bus is a great alternative option, as the system is much less complicated and inexpensive. There are different kinds of buses to select from, ranging from big sightseeing buses to free shuttles (yes, free!) Below are some of the different bus options to choose from.

Tokyo Shitamachi Bus (Sightseeing Bus)

This is a great bus to select if you are coming to Tokyo for the first time as it takes you to see all the famous tourist spots in the Shitamachi (old downtown) area. The buses have spacious seats, information pamphlets in 5 different languages (including English) and monitors showing videos of popular sightseeing spots.

Routes: Ueno Matsuzakaya-mae – Narihirabashi – Kinshicho Ekimae

Ueno Matsuzakaya-mae – Narihirabashi – Ryogoku Ekimae

Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit – Narihirabashi – Ryogoku Ekimae  (this route is only operated on weekends and holidays)

Fare: Adults 200 yen, Children 100 yen


Toei Bus

The Toei bus has routes covering the main areas of the city. As this bus has so many routes, it’s a great option for connecting to subways and trains if you want to access all the great sightseeing places.

Routes: There are many routes, so click this URL to read more

Fare: Adults 210 yen, Children 110 yen. Fares in Tama area vary according to distance and start at 180 yen for adults and 90 yen for children

Links: Toei Bus

Toei Sightseeing on the Toei Bus

Toei Bus Real-Time Info Service

SKYTREE Shuttle®

This shuttle bus has several lines that connect Ueno, Asakusa, and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN®. There are also shuttles with non-stop trips from Tokyo Disney Resort®, Haneda Airport, and Tokyo Station.

Routes: Ueno-Asakusa Line, Tokyo Station Line, Haneda Airport Line, Tokyo Disney Resort Line, Odaiba Line

Fares:  Ueno-Asakusa Line: Adults 220 yen, Children 110 yen

Tokyo Station Line: Adults 220-520 yen, Children 110-260 yen

Haneda Airport Line: Adults 920 yen, Children 460 yen

Tokyo Disney Resort Line: Adults 520-720 yen, Children 260-360 yen

Odaiba Line: Adults 300-600 yen, Children 150-300 yen (fare varies depending on the route)



If you want to enjoy sightseeing in an open-top bus, then this is the way to go. SKY BUS TOKYO has three different routes, which each offer something a bit different. The SKY BUS TOKYO offers a night tour to see some cool spots, the SKY HOP BUS has 1 and 2 day unlimited rides, and the SKY Duck has a sightseeing boat that allows you to enjoy the views from the water.


-SKY BUS TOKYO: Imperial Palace- Ginza- Marunouchi route/Tokyo Tower Rainbow Bridge route /Odaiba Night route /Omotesando- Shibuya route

-SKY HOP BUS: Asakusa- TOKYO SKYTREE route/Odaiba Route/Roppongi-Odaiba route



-SKY BUS TOKYO and SKY Duck: Varies depending on the route, click link below to learn more.

-SKY HOP TOKYO: One-day 24 hour pass - Adults 3,500 yen, Children 1,700 yen


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