Top 5 Planners in Japan: Plan your way to a better year

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Having trouble keeping track of what you need to do in a day? How about for the month or even for the year? For those of us who need a physical reminder of our day to day needs, Japan has some of the best planners.

Although there are many applications to use instead of a physical planner, many Japanese stick with a physical planner as many are either too old to want to deal with the hassle of a smart phone application, find the applications confusing or just like the design of planners. Some Japanese schools make students plan their days with physical planners and many Japanese people like to keep themselves organized with physical planners for work. A lot of the time it is a habit that has been picked up from school days and from their parents and sticks with them way into their adult years. Thus, Japanese stores bank on the need for these and you can find hundreds of planners of every type and design on the shelves during New Year. Below are five top planners found in Japan.

Hobonichi Techno

Founded in 2002, Hobonichi Techno has 52 types of planners in its 2018 line up. With many of its designs being for day to day planning, Hobonichi is a great type of planner for those who need something that can help them plan their days individually rather than weekly.



EDiT comes from a very popular stationery brand among women in Japan called “MARKS”, so of course their series of planners, called EDiT would be just as popular. Covers for EDiT range from plain colors to “Lachi and Lion” and “Paul & Joe La Papeterie” prints.



A very popular brand among females, HIGHTIDE is a stylish brand that is easy to use. These planners have a total of 291 designs. Made for women, many of their designs are cute and easy to carry in your purse.



A manufacturer of stylish stationery, you can find many of DELFONICS planners and designs in big department stores such as Parco and Lumine. Their Rollbahn planners are especially popular for both their style and usability.


Jibun Techo

The leading stationery manufacturers “Kokuyo” came out with a series of planners called “Jibun Techo”, which translates as “My Notebook”. These planners are more than just a weekly to do list, as they also include goal pages, wish lists, life plans and more. They have everything you need to keep more than just your day to day life planned.



Written by Crystal Antolin

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