w-inds. live performance will be on air over the Christmas period!

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A stylish group of dancers and singers, Japanese boy band w-inds. has been drawing enormous popularity. The final performance of their Japan tour at Nippon Budo-kan Hall will be on air soon, making for a great Christmas present from w-inds. to their fans.

In 2015, w-inds. was selected at the 19th Chinese Music Awards as the most influential Japanese artists in Asia. They are also the first J-POP artists to have received an award from the Japanese Consulate General in Hong Kong for their great achievements in the country. The group recently did a live performance in Hong Kong on November 11, which was very successful.

On September 27, the final performances of w-inds. 2017 live tour “INVISIBLE” took place at Nippon Budo-kan Hall, which attracted approximately 8,000 people. We know that many fans were not able to get tickets or couldn’t come to Japan.

Not too worry! We at WAKUWAKU JAPAN, an entertainment channel that broadcasts Japanese TV programs, will release the final performance of their concert tour and some selected great scenes from the live shows as a special program.

Check the broadcast schedule at the website of WAKUWAKU JAPAN!

For Singapore

Many of w-inds. fans might know that their re-mixed songs are available on the music streaming website Spotify. Don’t forget to check out their 39th single, “Time Has Gone”, which was released at the same time as the final performance of their concert tour at Nippon Budo-kan Hall.

Special Interview

Prior to the release of their live show, the three members of w-inds. participated in this special interview for “Tourist Note Japan”!

Q: w-inds. has been gaining big popularity in Asia, especially in Chinese-speaking countries.

A: Because we started performing around the time when the public started accepting the internet, our information has been delivered overseas. Also, we have applied dances to our original dance performance that were popular overseas, so we have succeeded in producing new styles that were different to those commonly seen in Japan. (Ryohei)

Q: What are the differences between Japanese fans and those in Asia?

A: Our fans in Asian countries are not only accepting of w-inds. but we strongly feel that they are fond of Japanese language and cultures. (Ryuichi)

Q: Do you do anything particular to maintain your health before live performances?

A: I have a hot bath to completely remove any exhaustion (Keita).

Q: What do you bring from Japan for overseas tours?

A: Nothing special. Some overseas hotels have better exercise equipment than those in Japan and that is why I like to go to the gym at overseas hotels (Ryuichi).

Q; Any comments on the special program of your live performance on WAKUWAKU JAPAN?
A: We are very happy that people in Asia can see our live performance (Keita).

Q: Do you have any future plans to go overseas?

A: We would love to continue performing overseas and participating in festivals.

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