Giant panda cub star Xiang Xiang is top of the tree at Ueno Zoo

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(Provided by Tokyo Zoological Park Society)

Popular giant panda cub Xiang Xiang scaled new heights as she reached the one-month mark before her public debut, demonstrating impressive climbing skills at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo.

The bear, born in June and now more than 23 weeks old, can reach the top of a trunk. Pandas have a habit of climbing trees when they are worried about their safety in the wild, and the ability will be useful in captivity too.

“When she goes on show to the public and is seen by many people, she might escape to the top of a tree,” said a Ueno Zoo spokesperson.

Xiang Xiang now weighs 10.6 kilograms, an increase of 0.7 kilograms from her previous heath checkup, which has been conducted every 10 days since her birth.

The celebrity creature is expected to go on public show on Dec. 19, preceded by a media viewing on Dec. 18.

*The article was published on The Asahi Shimbun Digital on November 21, 2017 at 13:55 JST

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