7 Newest & Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Makassar to Visit

Makassar is a big city and the capital of South Sulawesi Province. As a tourist destination, maybe Makassar is not too popular compared to other destinations. However, this city has a myriad of uniqueness and beauty. You can explore its beauty in its entirety in every corner of the city.

At first glance, the city of Daeng is indeed more famous for its various culinary offerings that are well known to the Indonesian people in general. But you need to know that this place has many tourist destinations, both local and international flavors. From nature tourism, educational tours to historical tours, there are available in this city.

1. Trans Studio

The opening of tourist attractions in Makassar, South Sulawesi Province is by Trans Studio. This place is one of the tourist rides with various facilities in it. Of course, this place is one of the tourist attractions in Makassar, which has international quality.

This tour is suitable for you to visit with your family, especially with children. Considering apart from being a playground, this place can also be a learning space for children, which is certainly very good for their development.

2. Akkarena Beach

Being one of the icons of the city of Makassar, apart from the delicious culinary delights it has, there are also beautiful beaches in this city. The same is the case with beaches in Bali, even for facilities and so on. One of the tourist destinations you can visit when Bali is too far away is Akkarena Beach.

There are several delicious culinary offerings around this beach to choose from and taste. The dishes here are made from fresh fish. Delicious, juicy, and spicy are the characteristics of cuisine in the city of Makassar.

3. Losari Beach

A tourist icon from Makassar, Losari Beach, is well known both by the local community in general and by the international community. However, the unique thing about this beach is the spatial concept.

On some beaches, the scenery you will encounter is an unspoiled atmosphere. However, on this beach, you will find a different concept. There is concrete that extends around the coastline—the concrete functions as a wave barrier and seawater abrasion in this place.

Losari Beach is often crowded with visitors in the afternoon or early morning when the sun rises and sets. Losari Beach is also a favorite fishing spot.

4. Makassar 99 Dome Mosque

As a new icon of Makassar City, the 99 Dome Mosque has presented luxury and charm. The reason is, the 99 domes that were built in this mosque were taken from the number of Asmaul Husna.

The construction of this magnificent mosque has even cost up to 182 AD with intricate details. No doubt, this mosque is included in the 30 unique mosques in the world.

The mosque, which functions as a place of worship, attracted a lot of attention from all walks of life. The shape of the small domes surrounding the large dome of the mosque looks very exotic when viewed from the Losari Pavilion. Likewise, the combination of orange, red, and yellow colors presented makes it more aesthetic.

The presence of colors placed on the reclaimed land of Losari Beach is intended to produce an amazing panorama. Usually, the combination of these colors will be integrated with the beauty of the sky that appears at sunset. Therefore, this one mosque is often used as famous religious tourism, especially at dusk.

5. Lejja’s Baths

The next place that you must visit when in Makassar is Lejja Baths. In this place, you can soak while enjoying the hot water. The preserved forest surrounds the location. So besides being able to enjoy a hot bath, you will be treated to a unique atmosphere from the surrounding forest.

Besides being suitable for relaxing, bathing in hot water helps treat several diseases, especially skin diseases.

6. Kuri Caddi Beach

If you want to find peace in a beautiful place, you deserve to visit Kuri Caddi Beach. The naming of the beach is based on the name of the beach hamlet, namely Kuri Caddi, Maros. The beach atmosphere is very natural and beautiful, considering the tourist locations are far from the crowds.

It takes a bit of a struggle to get to this tourist location, especially when it’s raining because the roads are a little slippery. Even so, the scenery is very fantastic with white sand and the shoreline contains stone slabs. Don’t miss the amazing sunset moment.

7. Tanjung Bayang Beach

Maritime tourism in the city of Makassar never dies, can be seen from the many fantastic beaches such as Tanjung Bayang Beach. The location of this beach is quite strategic because it is not far from the city center. Moreover, the price of the entrance ticket is very cheap, which is only Rp. 5,000.

Tanjung Bayang is known to have a very wide beach. Therefore, many tourists choose to come just to relax or for sports. Various sports are carried out there, such as swimming, soccer, and beach volleyball.

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