Exquisite places to visit while in Italy

Italy is one of the country’s most significantly visited countries globally. It is well-known for its ambiance and religious sites; it also offers a great culture, history, and traditional food. If Italy is on your bucket list or you want a reason to place it there, here are places you might want to visit located in the country.


Rome is undoubtedly the most vastly toured city on the globe. It has a great combination of recent and historical history, making it unique. Rome is significantly recognized for being a residence of Vatican City. More ancient places in Rome are the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the palatine hill. You might not be able to tour the entire city of Rome and appreciate all its treasures. Still, a view of the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo Pieta will allow you to recognize the city by its beauty.


With all its treasure and beauty, Florence looks like a giant art museum. It is a residence to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the epitome of the globe’s architectural designs. Churches in Florence are decorated with masterpieces in addition to the many monuments and portraits found in their museum. Another great treasure found in Florence is leather shops found in Santa Croce.


Art might not be your thing, but in a city filled with water and means of transport from one building to another in boats would intrigue you. This magical city is home to the great Basilica of St Mark built just beside Doge’s palace, and they both overlook the tall Campalline.

Amalfi Coast

The expanse of coastline in southern Italy is celebrated for its natural diversity. The Amalfi town is a beauty by itself, with villages spilling down the steep slopes forming a stairway of towns. The beauty is enhanced by flowers sprouting everywhere. It takes less than a day from Rome to Amalfi Coast through train and ferry at Capri.


Just like Florence, Siena is extremely rich in architecture and culture. It is home to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, well recognized for its stripped bell tower and inlaid marble facade found among Siena’s red brick constructions. Piazza del campo, one of Europe’s mediaeval plazas, is used two times each summer for the well-known house races

Lake Como

A favorite summertime destination in Italy is its glamorous Lake Como to chill out in the castles at the shore. It also offers a glamorous ambiance of its tightly piled villages. During winter you have a beautiful view of the Alps.

Tuscan hill towns

Each town in Tuscan is constructed on the tip of a hill. Most villas and palaces were used to defend their commanding territories. Each building has its own unique architectural and artistic uniqueness and a story.

Take out

Italy has some stunning destinations, and whichever part of Italy you decide to tour, you will enjoy a magnificent view and enjoy the beautiful Italian culture. The above places and several more will motivate you to schedule a trip sooner rather than later for your trip to Italy.