How a Pilot Generally Deals with Emergencies?

You must have often traveled by air, but do you know how airline pilots handle your plane during an emergency? Can you imagine what must be going on within the cockpit that kept you safe and even saved your life in certain extreme situations?

You too can benefit as a passenger by knowing how a pilot flies an airplane when an emergency ever arises. It can help you feel a little more confident knowing what is going on when you also are on an airplane, which has developed an emergency.

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Firstly, you must understand that the operation of an airplane is quite a complex thing and hence during normal operations, it is mostly managed by following certain well-documented procedures and checklists.

For avoiding any errors, all these checklists will support the crew to identify the correct configuration, correct speed, proper system functioning, and data entry, etc. This however does not mean that pilots will first read something and then try to find the right switch for moving it as per the checklist that you must have seen in movies.

Here, either the Captain or the First Officer will perform actions within their responsibility areas and then confirm all the actions with a certain checklist. All routine operations like takeoff and landing will be carried out in this way, which is an essential part of the professional life of any pilot.

Whilst many other safety systems like GPWS have been incorporated in most modern aircraft however the principle of keeping the pilot’s identity is still maintained even today.

During the flight, the major responsibility of the pilot is to make sure that he is following the safe flight path, no matter whatever is going on. During any emergency, this is particularly very important.

The natural urge during such a situation is to get involved in identifying the problem and try to solve the problem. However, this can often make the problem even worse. Therefore, all pilots are trained in such a way that they will take one step back from all the flashing lights and then treat all abnormal and emergencies very calmly in a methodical fashion.

How pilots can stabilize, and also solve an emergency?

Most pilots are well trained and experienced and will recognize and decide what must be the actual reason with the airplane that is creating a problem. In case the problem needs immediate stabilization then the pilots will apply their “pilot memory procedures”.

All pilots are trained to address almost more than hundreds of different kinds of emergencies. All pilots need to pass their annual simulator check rides that are conducted once a year to address any emergencies.

All pilots maintain quite a phenomenal awareness regarding what must be going on during all times and also during any emergencies. This is to ensure complete safety and concentrating on getting your flight to a runway to get a perfect emergency landing.