Menorca’s Cuisine & Sports Events for this Autumn

Summer is getting farther and farther away and autumn is more and more upon us, and with it come the typical festivities of the Balearic Islands. Although Menorca is not one of the best known if we compare it with Ibiza or Majorca, the truth is that this island is not far behind in terms of celebrations and in terms of what it offers its visitors.

Although the surface of the island is smaller than that of others of its peers, Menorca has a large number of coves, paths, towns and routes that are worth visiting on a visit, which together with the festivities to be made during the autumn season make this island one of the best destinations to consider for this season.

Menorquian cuisine at the top of this autumn’s chart

One of the main events to welcome autumn in Menorca is the famous “Mostra de cuina Menorquina”, in which more than 30 restaurants from all over the island participate, distributed in the 13 municipalities and in a good part of the coves of all the island.

In this 17-day event, starting from September 17, both typical dishes of the Balearic island will be tasted as well as reinventions of these with the most exclusive gourmet touches. However, this event is not only governed by the culinary part but it is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoor sports activities that will be organized throughout the duration of the event such as the night routes and the marathons that will run through the Island.

There’s still much to do and see in Menorca after summer

Even though Menorca and the other islands tend to be one of the people’s favorites during summer, it turns out that the islands still have a lot to offer to visitors during this autumn season.

Those who seek to enjoy the very favorable prices of the exclusive local cuisine can take advantage of the seasonal lower prices of rent a car in Menorca services so they can move around the island freely without having to worry about the public transportation protocols and limitations in passengers.

Renting a car is highly advised for those who seek a more sportive experience, so they can get to their destinations without having to waste their energy before the race starts. Menorca’s three big autumn sport events, the ‘Artiem Half Menorca Triatlon’, ‘Trail dels Fars nocturno’ and ‘La Mola War Race’ make the island a very appealing destination for the physically fit visitors.