Planning A Summer Vacation in Destin Florida – Know About What to Do

Summer vacation is the time of the year when family members plan a vacation to any beach destination anywhere in the world. If you are also planning to visit the best and most visited beach destination in summer, then Destin, Florida is the best choice. 

Destin in Florida is one of the best destinations to enjoy many summer games. You can enjoy many things whether you are traveling with your family or alone. If you are planning to visit Destin anytime soon, then visit to know more about the available vacation rentals along with what to do when in Destin Florida. 

You can enjoy many summer games when in Destin Florida such as fishing, boating, sunbathing, dolphin tours, sunset tours, and so on. Here are some of the things that you enjoy doing in Destin. 

Wildlife Watching 

If you are an enthusiast of sightseeing, then you will have a blast in Destin. The wildflowers and the lovely sea oats that have flourished in dunes can become the best stop for enjoying some wildlife viewing when in Destin. 

Apart from the long stretched emerald green water before you, you can enjoy watching and even catching flounder, redfish, pompano, cat fist, whiting and cobia, and other such fishes here. 

Visit Henderson Beach State Park 

The state park is located on the seashore of the mile-long beach. The sugar-white sand is made of the purest quality Appalachian quartz. The white sand spread across the sea with emerald green water is like a dream on earth to watch. The state park is located quite close to many resorts and hotels, and hence offers a hotel-backed beach option for the visitors. 

Dolphin Cruising in the Glass Bottom Boats 

If your children love the feeling of floating on the seawater, while in their boats, then you should not forget cruising in glass-bottom boats. Imagine the fun that you and your family will get to enjoy when cruising in the glass bottom water and going for dolphin watching. 

Attend the Seafood Festival in Destin 

Fishing automatically leads to the accumulation of lots of seafood. The best way of not letting them go to waste is by organizing the seafood festival. This is a 3 days festival and is known to attract the best seafood chefs from around the globe to the festival. Food lovers, especially seafood lovers can enjoy a wonderful time during these 3 days. 

Visit the Gator Beach 

As the name says, Gator Beach got its name because of the presence of alligators belonging to almost all species there. You can enjoy viewing alligators belonging to all ages and even species as well by visiting the Beach. 

Fish in the Deep-Sea Charters 

Deep-sea fishing is an ideal option for people who enjoy fishing and are in Destin. You will find many options that can help you with taking your and your family out to the ocean. You can choose whether you prefer half-day fishing or full-day fishing fun. If you have children with you, then a full-day fishing charter is suggested. 

Enjoy Fishing Rodeo in Destin 

The other name or also the nickname of Destin is “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”. The abundant charters, bountiful waters, amazing list of seafood restaurants altogether have made this name do some justice to the place. 

A fishing tournament is held every year known as Destin Fishing Rodeo and the winner will get to earn more than $100,000 amounts. It was started in the year 1948 and is still organized during September and October. 

Visit the Fishing Museum and Know about the Destin History 

You can learn everything about the importance of fishing in Destin along with the history of the place by visiting the Fishing Museum. Everything is explained in detail to make it easier for the visitors to understand the rich history of the place. 

Visit the Beautiful Crab Island 

Crab Island is an underwater sandbar and is located near Destin harbor. It is accessible only by the boat or kayaks, or paddleboards, and other such options. You can let down the anchor and enjoy a wonderful day while floating on the seawater doing nothing or even fishing. 

Enjoy Parasailing 

The best part of enjoying water games in Destin is by choosing to parasail. Fly above the seawater level up to 500 feet high and enjoy a long-stretched view of Destin on all possible sides. You can either go along or can go in pairs, or can even choose the 3-people parasailing option. 

Enjoy Track Games 

Five go-kart tracks, arcades, two mini-golf, etc., and many other such amusement park games are available for you in many amusement parks in Destin. You can spend quality time away from the beach water with your dear ones in these amusement parks. 

Have Fun in a Sunset Dinner Cruise 

As the name says, this is a kind of cruise that is organized for the visitors who love to enjoy some quality time with their dear ones, under the sunsetting sky, while having their dinner on a cruise. The cruise will even consist of some musical entertainment, a dance floor to enjoy some special moments with your dear ones, and so on. 

Visit Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park 

The best way of learning more about the marine creatures in Destin is by visiting this marine adventure park. Apart from the dolphins, you can enjoy watching many aquatic lives such as the sea lions, turtles, and so on. These aquatic lives even put on a show for the visitors as well. 

Shop to Your Heart’s Content 

Every day on the beach water is not such a fun way of enjoying your time in Destin. Take a break from the beaches and visit the local shops that are located all around the place. you can shop to your heart’s content along with purchasing some souvenirs for your family and friends back home. 

You can learn more about Destin along with the available vacation rentals for hire by visiting the blog page, Destin Florida. It is a one-stop destination for you to learn everything about what to do and even where to stay when planning a vacation in Destin.