Sailing Around the Canary Island Starting from Tenerife – A Sailing Itinerary for You

The Canary Islands is an archipelago of beautiful lands that float above the ocean water in Spain. These islands are like tourist attractions that have never failed to arouse the interest of a traveler in millions of hearts around the globe. Hence, tourism in the Canary Islands hosts millions of visitors from around the globe throughout the year.

Millions of people choose Tenerife as their next destination to travel when they make a vacation plan either alone or with their dear ones. If you are also one among them, then you can take the help of Club Canary to get more information on the Kalima Kat Catamaran Tenerife travel packages. This website will offer detailed information on everything including what to do and where to stay on the island.

Tenerife Sailing Itinerary

With San Miguel island to the south and Santa Cruz to the north, Tenerife island is the best destination for a vacation whenever possible. The itinerary starts with El Hierro island and continues through the other islands such as La Gomera, La Palma, Gran Canaria, and so on. Every island is beautiful in its way and offers many things to enjoy while on each of the islands.

·         Reaching Tenerife

The best way of starting the trip to Tenerife is by booking an airplane ticket to the place. There are two airports in Tenerife to help people reach directly to the island from any destination around the globe.

All flights that are directed towards Tenerife are regular on their schedule and will make it easier for you to reach the island just at the time as promised. The frequency of these flights is quite high to Tenerife during the summer months.

·         Climatic Conditions

Tenerife is quite famous as the “island of eternal spring”. The surrounding islands of this place offer a tropical environment, even though they are surrounded by the beach water. The temperature of these islands might reach 24 degrees during summers, and hence are ideal for taking a dip whenever on the island.

·         Mooring Points

All of the Tenerife marinas are facilitated with wonderful bathrooms, showering areas, Wi-Fi facilities, and also restaurants that serve delicious dishes for the visitors.

If you are planning to spend some hours enjoying swimming, snorkeling, or surfboarding, then some of the anchoring posts are ideal to let your boat sit for a while. All these mooring points offer the best diving places for visitors, who like to relax and stretch their body on the beach under the sun.

The three anchoring points in Tenerife are,

  1. El Puertito Lagoon
  2. Masca Bay
  3. Palm Mar

Boat Charters

The most pleasant way of experiencing the beauty of an island is by going on a chartered boat trip. The boat trip on the long stretched beach water will make every minute in your boat worthwhile.

Every island offers some places for you to take a break from sailing and give a try to all the tasty dishes that are quite famous local cuisines on every island. Plan the trip perfectly and make the fullest of your time in the Canary Island archipelago.