Searching for the best picnic spots in Goa? Follow the list below!

The smallest state of India, Goa, has a rich culture and heritage. This place is easily accessible by flights, trains as well as roadways and has always served as a popular choice for backpackers. It boasts some of the famous beaches, vibrant nightclubs and excellent locations throughout India and therefore, is crowded with tourists throughout the year. This place is also favoured by tourists for picnic gatherings owing to its attractive locations. 

Picnics are a respite from the daily routines of life and hence feels magical after a hectic week. You can simply sit under the shades of the trees or chat with your friends and have a relaxing time savouring delicious potluck recipes that you have always wanted to try for a long time. Moreover, you can also play fun games like badminton with your friends and have a joyous time together. Since I am a resident of Mumbai, I planned my trip to Goa with my friends last month and had a wonderful experience. I booked my tickets from Intermiles and had a stress-free sojourn to the state. 

You too can book your flights to the state and have a great picnic in the top Goa picnic zones listed below. 

Mayem Lake

Mayem lake, located in North Goa, is popular among tourists for its spectacular beauty and welcomes visitors all around the year. This freshwater lake is surrounded by dense forest consisting of areca nut trees, towering cashew trees and pineapple orchards that offer a captivating view. You can organise a picnic here between October to March to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with your family amidst the serene atmosphere. For bird lovers, this is the right place to catch a sight of the seasonal birds of Goa. You must bring your cameras to click some memorable pictures of the place. Besides, you can also enjoy cruising or boat riding in the lake that will make your picnic even more interesting. There are many hotels and cottages along the lake where you can book their accommodation to stay overnight in the lap of nature.

Dudhsagar waterfalls

This gorgeous waterfall located in the Mandovi river is one of the best picnic spots in Goa and hence, has a huge footfall all around the year. This pristine four-tiered waterfall cascades down from the great height of a steep mountain and magnifies the beauty of this place. Dudhsagar waterfall is encompassed by the bounteous deciduous forest making it all the more enticing for visitors. For a thrilling experience, I recommend trekking the waterfall via the railway tracks amid the lush greenery and walk 7 km to reach the cascade. If you do not wish to trek, you can opt for a jeep safari that drives through the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife sanctuary to reach the place. You can also try some delicious food in the eateries lined near the place after an exhausting trip to the waterfalls.   

Cansaulim Monte

Situated on the top of a hill in South Goa, Cansaulim Monte is an excellent picnic spot for you and your family to spend a relaxing day. Cansaulim Monte beach has three chapels nearby that are revered by the locals with a spiritual inclination. The tranquillity around the beach makes it an appropriate place to spend a laid back weekend to alleviate all your worries. This is the cleanest beach in Goa and you can also select it for an overnight picnic gathering. Furthermore, you can try out some of the delicious Goanese lip-smacking dishes to savour the regional flavour.

Calangute Beach

Calangute beach, located in North Goa, is a hit among backpackers and tourists from all across the globe. This beach is popularly known as the “Queen of the beaches” by all adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers and party-goers. Besides the scintillating beauty, the beach is also surrounded by tall coconut and palm trees with the magnificent Arabian Sea wash over the shore. This amazing scenic view makes it an ideal getaway destination for people seeking respite from the commotion of the busy city. You can enjoy your day trying the various water sports such as the jet ski, bumper ride, banana ride and also parasailing and get the feel of gliding in the air. If you are in the mood for shopping with your family after the picnic, you can head to the nearby buzzing markets that sell handicrafts, authentic seafood, trendy clothes, trinkets, and much more to its visitors. The beach gets thronged with an overwhelming number of people during Christmas and New Year, so plan your trip accordingly. 

With this, the list of the best picnic spots in Goa comes to an end. Hopefully, you have made your choice and packed your bags for a day out to these incredible locations. On that note, do not forget to carry your sunglasses, hats, slippers and cameras (of course!) to click some rare shots on your holiday.